For people with mild dementia, doing groceries in the supermarket is often experienced as frustrating and uncomfortable. They often bring old packages to the supermarket to compare with products in the supermarket. This leads to misinterpretation by the other people in the shop - as it gives the impression of shoplifting. Another common pitfall is buying the same product time after time, without the need of buying that product.

The tangible grocery list is developed for people living at home with mild dementia and their caregiver. It facilitates to remember the groceries that should be bought, as well as recognizing and choosing the needed products in the shop. The design offers the person with dementia and their caregiver co-responsibility for the daily grocery shopping.

The design is a physical representation of a grocery list where the person with dementia can interact with by haptics. The groceries can be slided to the ‘grocery bucket’, after which they are loaded on the digital list. This digital list has the shape of a medallion. The medallion can be taken to the supermarket and makes people with dementia more confident and in control.

The interface of the digital grocery list that can be brought to the supermarket shows the exact representation of the product in the supermarket. While holding the medallion, products are shown that are placed in the ‘grocery bucket’ on the physical list at home. The design enables the person with dementia to compare, recognize and choose the needed products in the supermarket himself.

Project Details

Designers:    Joes Janmaat, Lisa Milou Smits, Myrte Thoolen

Period:          February 2017 - May 2017

Partners:       SWOVE