Person-centered care is becoming increasingly important in contemporary care, which necessitates the involvement of the target group in the research. In this study, the opportunities of person-centered care are explored by empathizing with people living with dementia and taking different person perspectives into account for developing innovative solutions. The findings from all focus groups are related to the outcomes of the behavior of the involved individuals with dementia, from which the insights have been translated into the concept.

Record is a personalized, interactive music and sound platform for people with dementia living at home together with their informal caregivers. Cognitive and physical stimulation through everyday personalized sounds and music has positive effects on enhancing communication through reminiscence and emotional wellbeing for people with dementia. As a result, the sounds and music of Record can be adapted to the physical and cognitive abilities, and the Record – Personalized Adaptive Music and Sounds for Dementia Vitalis Woonzorg Groep, Swove and GGZe Myrte Thoolen Record allows people with dementia who are living at home to positively reminiscence through a hands-on interactive music and sound platform that stimulates their cognitive and physical senses. February 2017 – February 2018 (FMP project) personal preferences appropriate to the particular stage of dementia. Hereby, it stimulates the physical and cognitive senses so that people with dementia are still able to maintain control. Thereby it enhances an enjoyable experience through co-responsibility between informal caregivers and people with dementia by stimulating positive reminiscence.

Concerning the research, current findings from the first part of the research are applied, which has led to the development of Record. However, more research is necessary to optimize the personals adaptation to the particular stage of dementia and the tangible interaction with the product.

Project Details

Designer:     Myrte Thoolen

Period:          February 2017 - June 2017

Partners:       Vitalis Woonzorg Groep, Swove and GGZe

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