PAM is an agenda-buddy which can help people with dementia remember those small tasks again. PAM is located in the living room of the elderly. In the connected app, family members can plan daily activities, like breakfast and tea-time or add special events, like you can in a normal agenda-app. For each activity, they add a personal photo and record their own voice with a directive message, which the user will hear and see on PAM when it is time for the activity. When looking at PAM, the user can see how long it takes for the next activity to happen by looking at the progress of the lights until the last light becomes green.

If PAM does not get the attention needed, she will start turning and making noises to grab the attention again from the user. To calm her, the user can simply place his/her hands on top of PAM. Also, when the user does not remember the activity coming up, he/she can easily touch the button below the screen to get a short view of the next activity.

In this way, PAM guides the user throughout the whole day and since it is to personalise, PAM is able to grow with the needs of the user. With PAM, we aim for a future where people with dementia, living alone, can stay longer in their own, familiar and comfortable environment.

Project Details

Designers:    Emma Dhaeze, Nicky Pronk

Period:          February 2017 - June 2017

Partners:       Vitalis, Zuidzorg

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