Everyone knows this. You’re entering a room, you’re smelling something and suddenly you are back in the past. You are seeing images, you are hearing the sound, but you also feel the emotions that you felt on the moment that you’ve smelled the scent for the first time. This is called the Proust effect, after Louis Proust who had the same experience with a cookie and a cup of tea.

Geurenpalet focusses exactly on this and enhances memories through scent, especially developed for people with dementia, to stimulate self-esteem, social interaction and remembrance. Geurenpalet is a personalised tool which can be ordered and personalised through an online system. The system will provide the user with related scents which are based on autobiographical and personal preferences. Once the pallet is ordered the tool can be used one on one with a family member or in a group setting, it can provide the caretakers to provide high quality and personal care.

Project Details

Designers:    Jolijn van Sleeuwen

Period:          February 2017 - June 2017

Partners:       Archipel Ekelhof

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