In Noord-Brabant only, there are already 39,000 people living with dementia. 70% of these people live on their own in their neighborhood. Without knowing, we often come in contact with people who have dementia (phase 1/2). Despite the sometimes remarkable behavior, people often are unaware of the fact they are dealing with someone who has dementia. One of the memoirs just opened. This unique memoir belonged to someone who has dementia, but lost it for a while. By closing the cabinet door, someone with the early symptoms of dementia is tucked away. Together with ZET, this closet aims for a dementia friendlier Noord-Brabant. Now is the time for more human kindness.

Project Details

Designers:   Mandy Herrijgers (Fontys), Lieve de Haan (Fontys),
Martine Bak (TU/e), Ruud van Reijmersdal (TU/e)

Period:          February 2017 - April 2017

Partners:       ZET


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